The Initial Visit


Thank you for allowing us the privilege of providing dental care for your child. We are excited to get to know you and your child/children through each of your visits to our office and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Before the First Visit

Whether this is your child’s first time to visit a dentist or first time to visit our office, we want you both to feel comfortable and to enjoy the experience. As your appointment approaches, we encourage you to prepare your child for the visit. Please remember to stay positive and refrain from using negative words that will cause unnecessary fear and suggest an unpleasant experience. It is best to keep the preparation simple. The dentist “counts”  teeth, our assistants show children how to brush and take care of their teeth, everyone’s teeth sparkle and shine when they leave, and most importantly, everyone gets a prize bag. Expect your child to do well and enjoy the visit and chances are he or she will do just that.

The Visit

The purpose and goal of this visit is to provide the foundation for a lifetime of optimum oral health. We will discuss tooth development, brushing and flossing, dietary habits as well as any other questions or concerns you may have. The dentist will perform a thorough examination and if your child is willing, an assistant will polish the teeth and apply a topical fluoride. Please do not be concerned if you have a young child who is not willing to cooperate for a cleaning. This is a new environment and children adapt at their own pace. As your child matures and has a series of positive experiences, he or she will join the majority of our patients who look forward to and enjoy their visits to our office. If your child is 4 years old or older, x-rays will likely be taken to evaluate spacing and development and also to detect any cavities between teeth.

Does My Child Go Back Alone?

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child to the treatment area for the initial visit as we have lots of information to discuss with you. After the first visit, your child will be encouraged to come back alone. This allows us to establish a closer rapport with your child and earn trust while increasing his or her confidence.

Additional Appointments

If additional treatment is needed, the dentist will review the x-rays with you and discuss the treatment plan. Our business office staff will help to schedule your future appointment(s). They will also discuss the financial aspects of your child’s treatment and answer any questions you may have.

New Patient Payment Policy

All new families visiting our office are required to pay in full at the time of the first visit to establish their account. If you have dental insurance, we will file the visit for you and are happy to send you a reimbursement check once the insurance has paid. This is the policy for the first appointment only. Please see our payment policy section to read about payment for future appointments.