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Thank you for your continued trust in our practice. As with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or the flu, you may be exposed to COVID-19, also known as “Coronavirus,” at any time or in any place. Be assured that we have always followed state and federal regulations and recommended universal personal protection and disinfection protocols to limit transmission of all diseases in our office and continue to do so.

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Lip and Tongue Tie Release

The medical and dental communities are becoming increasingly more aware of the speech and feeding difficulties associated with tongue and lip ties in infants and children.  Dr. Robinson has been providing laser frenectomies (lip and tongue tie release) for patients below one year of age in-office with great results. Based on age and cooperation level, patients over the age of two years old are also candidates for the procedure either in the office or under general anesthesia.

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Welcome to Lake Area

Pediatric Dental

We appreciate the opportunity to provide your children with exceptional quality oral health care and will strive to make this experience fun, easy and informative.


First Aid for Dental Emergencies !

If you have an emergency after hours, please call our office at (337) 474 2563 and either Dr. Moses’ or Dr. Robinson’s phone number will be on the answering machine.


Our staff gladly processes insurance claims as a convenience to you. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide our office with the current insurance information. Payment in full will be due at the time of service for those with insurance companies who reimburse the patient instead of the provider.


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